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Public transportation


Public taxis are white, with a code and the sign of the city of Roma on the doors, and with a taximeter.

Do not trust people who approach you offering private taxi service.

In the city center there are a number of taxi parkings, like in Piazza Venezia, Piazza della Repubblica (close to the Palazzo Massimo conference site), Largo Argentina, and Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps).

A taxi can be called at the telephone number 060609 (remember to add +39 international code if using a foreign cellphone). In this case, note that the taximeter is turned on when the taxi picks up the call (fare starts when the taxi is sent to pick you up).

A taxi ride from the National Roman Museum to Piazza di Spagna costs around 8,00 Euro.

For further information about the fares, please click here.

Public transportation

Public transportation by bus or subway is handled by the City of Rome, please visit web site for maps, schedules and route plans.

There are three subway (metro) lines, crossing at Termini central railway station: the Metro A line (Anagnina-Battistini) and the Metro B/B1 lines (on the paths Laurentina-Rebibbia and Laurentina-Conca D?Oro), all operating from 5:30 to 23:30 (1:30 on Friday and Saturday). Metro B and B1 lines follow the same path between the stops Laurentina and Bologna; then the path is splitted toward Rebibbia and Conca D?Oro, respectively.

All lines run every 3-4 minutes in rush hours, every 5-6 minutes during the day, and every 8-10 minutes in early morning and late evening.

Bus lines operate from 6:00 to midnight, with many night lines.

Bus to Roman National Museum

C2 - H - 36 - 38 - 40 - 64 - 86 - 90 - 92 105 - 170 - 175 - 217 - 310 - 360 - 714 - 910

The same ticket can be used for bus, tram, local trains and metro lines. Available tickets fares are:

  • BIT (time ticket): 1,50 Euro. Multiple trips on all bus and tram lines and one trip on local train and metro lines within 100 minutes from ticket validation;
  • BIG (daily ticket): 6,00 Euro. Unlimited trips on all bus, tram, local train and metro lines, valid until midnight of the day on which the ticket is validated;
  • BTI (three days ticket): 16,50 Euro. Valid 3 days on all bus, tram, local train and metro lines;
  • CIS (weekly ticket): 24,00 Euro. Valid 7 days on all bus, tram, local train and metro lines.

Tickets can be bought at ATAC counters, newsstands, bars, tobacco shops, and from automatic ticket dispensers, but generally not on board.

Tickets must be validated at the beginning of the first trip at any metro/train station or on the bus.

For further details and touristic fares, please click here or ask directly at one of the many the tourist information point (PIT) available in the city.

Relevant metro stations

  • Termini (A and B/B1 lines): central railway station, close to Palazzo Massimo (conference site)
  • Tiburtina (B/B1 line): railway station
  • Colosseo (B/B1 line): Colosseo, Fori Imperiali, Domus Aurea and Arco di Costantino
  • Cipro (A line): Vatican Museums
  • Spagna (A line): downtown shopping area